Technology Team

Summary and Background Information

The GovHack Technology Team is in charge of developing and maintaining the essential technical systems for the organisation. This includes both the Hackerspace and Website.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for team roles available

We are looking to recruit a team of 2-3 people who will be led by a Technology Lead to manage GovHack systems (Hackerspace and Website) and carry out the following tasks:


  • Contains participant profiles, challenges, project submissions
  • Maintenance of the existing system
  • Development of new features
  • Supporting the scalability and capacity management (with guidance from lead developers) Website

  • Maintenance and updates to the website as required
  • The Technology Team works closely with the Competition and Data Teams to ensure all systems are ready for the GovHack competition


One or more of the following web technologies used in GovHack systems:

  • GovHack website – WordPress
  • Hackerspace website – Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Experience in UX or UI design a bonus
  • Experience with any code repository (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Azure Repos)
  • Knowledge of GovHack or a similar large scale Hackathon
  • Proven personal communication skills
  • Proven time management skills


  • Cloud Services: Experience with AWS services, particularly EC2 for server management and S3 for storage solutions, is highly valued.
  • Familiarity with Slack API, Mailchimp API or other similar APIs
  • Experience leading project management and change management processes
  • Streaming software eg. OBS

Support and Supervision

The role will report to the Tech Team Lead.

Time Commitment

The time commitment may different depending on the phase of the project but as you will be working on the same initiatives year round, it is expected a minimum of 2 – 4 hours a week is required.

In preparation for GovHack events (Jul – Sep) your workload will be the heaviest in the May – August months. Workload during the second phase (Sep – Dec) will lighten up as you prepare for the next year and make any changes as required.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Network and build new tools and systems with motivated and inspiring people
  • Deepen your technology skills and learn new tools
  • Acknowledgement that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Deepen your connection with the innovation and Hackathon community in Australia
  • Opportunity to gain a reference from skilled professionals in your field