GovHack has operated under the umbrella of several organisations since 2012 – including NICTA and Linux Australia. In 2017, GovHack became its own company and operates with independence. GovHack’s directors are (shown below) and there are also a small number of voting members.

You can find our constitution here – though we hope to make significant amendments throughout the year to better reflect the type of organisation that GovHack needs to be and the needs of our members.

To become a member of GovHack, please complete the expression of interest in becoming a member. Membership is free and our members can vote for new board members and at AGMs.

GovHack’s ABN is 57 618 430 167.

Current Board of Directors

International and State Organising Teams

While the board play a long term, strategic role in the organisation – the bulk of the operation of GovHack is with a team of dedicated volunteers. The structure of this team has changed each year based on the needs of the event and the people available but generally takes the form of an International Operations team and many state and local teams.

The International Operations team aims to set the scene for the country, state and local teams to be successful in running the events, and making sure participants have a great time; they do this by working on tasks and issues that affect all or many local events. This includes working with international and national sponsors, Federal Government agencies, media and setting up technology platforms.

The state and local teams are the key people in the GovHack organisation. They pull together local resources such as sponsorship, venues, state and local council data – and of course they represent GovHack to their local communities and talk with lots of people about open data and the reasons for an event like GovHack.

Our Constitution

Read it here