Why Sponsor GovHack?

GovHack is a community event, run primarily by volunteers across Australia & New Zealand, being free to attend, for everyone, everywhere and we rely on your support to make all that happen.

Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to test and try a particular tricky problem or idea that you or your organisation has been considering, investigating, pondering and procrastinating over. GovHack is a quick way to consider viability and gather a plethora of ideas that are typically not available in the ideation and concept phases.

As a sponsor, you get the opportunity to judge all the entries in your category, and that’s where you will find not just finalists and winners, but nuggets of information, seeds of thought, critical thinking, innovative ideas and quirky concepts to help you formulate the direction of your challenges and problems beyond GovHack.

Sponsoring an award aligns organisations with a respected community event which has established strong ties to Australian and New Zealand developer and creative communities. The hackers that take part in GovHack are often in demand as their skills become visible to sponsors and suitably tested! It’s a great way to connect with and potentially recruit new critical thinkers, creative and technical skills.

All sponsors have the option to invite any GovHack team to submit formal quotes to undertake further work on the project they started during GovHack.

As a sponsor, you can submit a dataset (or datasets) which will be featured to competitors. There is a plethora datasets that can be used in entries. By featuring a dataset, your data will rise to the top. As a sponsor you can shine some light on your data and encourage use in the competition by submitting featured datasets.

Alternatively, you could feature a theme of data from your publishing organisation by submitting an appropriate link.The dataset(s) featured must be in line with our open data principles and at a minimum must be:

  •  Discoverable on an official government data portal
  •  Open format
  •  Openly licenced

GovHack provides government at all levels with the ability to directly engage with a passionate hacker community to find creative and innovative mashups to defined (or not so defined) civic problems using government agency open data. Our passionate and creative hackers showcase the potential of open data to help solve the challenges facing government and its citizens. This year, GovHack will run seven key opportunities for sponsors to engage in, starting in June! 


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