Interested in volunteering for GovHack?

GovHack is free to attend and participate in. Volunteers coordinate all the necessary components for the competition so participants only need to bring themselves and their devices to compete. We invite you to come and learn more about running a Hackathon and working with open government data- join us in delivering GovHack for its 10th year anniversary!

We currently have the following positions available. Further information on each role is available below.

National Operations Team
We are no longer recruiting for the 2019 National Operations Team.

State / Territory Operations Teams
If you are interested in helping at a State level, please email
Please note we are no longer accepting applicants for the NSW State team. 

We are currently recruiting for our 2019 Events and we need event hosts and venues to host GovHack events! Please get into contact with us if you

  • Want to run a GovHack weekend event (Event Host)
  • I want to provide a venue for a GovHack event → If you are interested in Event Partnership (Sponsorship) please fill out our Sponsor form instead.

See below for more information

Event Host

Build new skills, relationships, and be identified as a leader of community engagement and event management in your area. As a member of a GovHack Local Event Team, you will drive the success of GovHack for your region, learn new technologies and skills and become exposed to new networks within Government, industry and business. You will meet awesome people and be exposed to new opportunities that could assist you in your professional career.

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Event Management/ Community Engagement experience (or similar)
  • An interest in Hackathons or a passion for GovHack
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • A team player- not afraid to delegate but also ask for help when required
  • Ability to work under pressure and to set deadlines
  • Reliable – your team will be dependent on you
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Energetic, fun and adaptable! We need you to direct and lead your team with confidence

As an Event Host…

Our expectation is that you be yourself, be awesome! We want the very best person who can run a successful GovHack Event and successfully lead a GovHack Event Team. It will be up to you hunt down amazing volunteers to assist you as members of your local GovHack Event Team. (We’ll help you too!). You will be securing sponsorship, engaging local community organisations, reporting and recording the entire process, working within the allocated budget to ensure your event comes to life! It sounds like a lot but it you will be assisted by your team and the State/Territory Operations team.

Once you fill out the form, your State/Territory Director will be in contact with you. The Official Event Host and LET will receive assistance from the GovHack Operations Team and GovHack State/Territory Operations Team, to assist you in finding sponsorship and a venue. From there, you get to work your magic- sourcing a team, organising meetings and getting everything ready for the event.

Local Event Volunteers

We need volunteers to help assist during the GovHack weekend. From setting up the room to registering hackers, we need a team of volunteers at each event to make sure things run smoothly!

GovHack Events looking for local-event volunteers

  • GovHack Geraldton, WA
  • Other events to come shortly!

I want to provide a venue for a GovHack Event

You can provide a venue and we can work with you to find key volunteers to handle things from there. The Local GovHack team will match volunteers to you, taking the weight off your shoulders.

If you have employees who you would like to assist for the event, we will help facilitate the conversation between the Local Event Team and your team, to ensure all areas are covered and you are ready for the event.

If you wish to be an Event Partner, you will cover some or all (depending on the size of the event) costs associated with running the event. As a thank you for your generosity, we provide you with Sponsor level benefits. Please fill out our Sponsorship Form to receive a Prospectus, which has all relevant information.

To start your application or find out more information, please fill out our Event Hosting form, and a member of the GovHack team will be in contact soon.

Our Expectations

  • You will know the skills needed for your role and how to successfully employ them within it
  • You will do the things you commit to doing and will let the team know when you hit problems
  • You will abide by our GovHack Code of Conduct
  • You support our Purpose, Vision and Values
  • You will be willing to assist when required, when we need things to get done quickly
  • You will have fun, learn a bunch of new skills and work within a great team!

How to Apply

Applications for these positions close 30th May 2019.
You can apply at GovHack 2019 Volunteer EOI

If you have any questions, please contact

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