Please note applications for our International Operations Team have now closed. Email if you have any further questions or want to volunteer with us.

Interested in volunteering for GovHack?

GovHack is free to attend and participate in. Volunteers coordinate all the necessary components for the competition so participants only need to bring themselves and their devices to compete. We invite you to come and learn more about running a Hackathon and working with open government data.

What roles are available?

We have restructured our International Operations Team (IOT) and want individuals that are confident in managing their own team; not afraid to ask for help when required and can commit to GovHack for the year.

We are looking for team leaders, who will work closely with the GovHack Operations Lead and Operations Support Members, to coordinate GovHack across all areas. We need people in the following roles

  • Competition Lead
    • The GovHack Competition Team Lead ensures the competition is a fair process for all competitors and meets policy decisions made. They are involved in ensuring a fair and equitable competition, with relevant themes… continue reading
  • Technology Lead
    • The technology lead is in charge of developing and maintaining the essential technical systems that at a core ensure the competition weekend goes off without a hitch…. continue reading
  • Data Team Lead
    • The GovHack Data Lead manages our external relationships with Government data custodians; organisations; and partners. They will also manage the internal Data processes for GovHack… continue reading
  • Volunteer Lead
    • Leading a small team of people to facilitate the management and support of volunteers across both Australia and New Zealand, at both National; State and Local levels…. continue reading
  • Community Partnership Lead
    • This position will lead this small team to share the opportunity of developing solutions to community issues via the use of Open Data with potential partners and assist in the strategic development for future relationships…. continue reading
  • Government Advisor
    • You will provide insights and advice to the Sponsorship, Data and Community Partnership team when approaching the Government. This role is less operational and more advisory based....continue reading
  • Marketing Lead
    • You will lead GovHacks Marketing and Communication and will manage a small team of people to ensure consistent and relevant outgoing communications across multiple channels…. continue reading
  • Media Liason/ Writer
    • You will engage with media outlets and create relationships with relevant tech journalists to promote GovHack. You will delve into GovHack and find interesting stories for our website blog content….. continue reading

We are also taking applications for

Our Expectations of our Volunteers

  • You will know the skills needed for your role and how to successfully employ them within it
  • You will do the things you commit to doing and will let the team know when you hit problems
  • You will abide by our GovHack Code of Conduct
  • You support our Purpose, Vision and Values
  • You will be willing to assist when required, when we need things to get done quickly
  • You will have fun, learn a bunch of new skills and work within a great team!


I want to apply for a sub-committee role or State / Event (AUS) role, how can I do this?
At this early stage, we are recruiting for the leading roles only. Expressions of Interest for State and Event Host roles will be available in the upcoming months, keep an eye on our socials and newsletter for this. 

Are these roles limited to Australia?
No, all of the roles are open to individuals across Australia and New Zealand. The roles will be across both countries activities, so we are looking for individuals with the right experience and expertise to coordinate activities.

Do these roles report to the Operations Lead / Operations Support Members?
No, the Ops Lead/Support will work closely with you, supporting you and assisting when needed. You will be part of the IOT which means you must attend weekly meetings to provide an update with your teams progress.

Where can I find more information?
Please note applications for our International Operations Team have now closed. Email if you have any further questions or want to volunteer with us.

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