Local Event Team (Physical)

Summary and Background Information

Build new skills, relationships, and be identified as a leader of community engagement and event management in your area. As a member of a GovHack Local Event Team, you will drive the success of the GovHack Competition Weekend for your locations, learn new technologies and skills and become exposed to new networks within Government, industry and business.

You will meet awesome people and be exposed to new opportunities that could assist you in your professional career.

If you’re interested in event management, marketing, tech etc. This is the role for you!

As a Local Event Host / Team member you will be:

  • Be available on the competition weekend (6 – 9 September)
  • Have an interest in any of the following areas: marketing, registration, technology, organising suppliers, event management etc. (physical events)
  • Work with your Regional Team and GovHacks’ support teams to facilitate on the day team formation and building (physical & digital events)
  • Work with your team to develop a roster of physical and online support, during the GovHack competition weekend (physical & digital events)
  • Engage with participants during the GovHack Region Connections Event (physical events)
  • Provide direction to find technical support and other support to competitors, during the competition weekend. Training will be provided by the GovHack Technology team for this (for digital events)

Essential Skills

  • Facilitation & Leadership Experience- you must be able to delegate, be confident in pointing people in the right direction and demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Great Communicator- we want someone to excite participants
  • Energetic, fun and adaptable! We need you to direct and lead with confidence and flair!
  • An interest in Hackathons or a passion for GovHack
  • Ability to work under pressure and to set deadlines
  • Reliable – your team will be dependent on you
  • Availability – we need people with time over competition weekend.

Time Commitment

It is anticipated that a minimum of 25 hours work will be required, spread across the lead-up to the GovHack competition. In addition to that:

(Late July/Early Aug) Region Connections – Normally a month prior to the competition weekend, provides an introduction to the sponsors for the coming competition and the data sets available. This is great for explaining how the hackathon works and the systems that make it easy for organisers and competitors. (This might be via a Zoom presentation or a live function and is organised by Regional Leads). It would be highly preferable if you are available during your region connections event.

(18 – 20 August) Competition Weekend – to coordinate and manage setup and delivery of your local event. You do not need to be available for the entire 46 hours, a minimum of 12 hours availability during this time is preferred*. Availability should be discussed with your team and Regional Lead to ensure coverage between 8AM – 10PM local time.
*Subject to local requirements.

Following the competition weekend, we expect approximately 5 hours post-event.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with other motivated and inspiring people across New Zealand and Australia
  • Help shape and influence the way GovHack delivers its very first digital version of the competition
  • Significant exposure to relevant industry professionals
  • Work experience in team management, event management and digital hackathon production
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere