Summary and Background Information

GovHack is the largest Hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere and run almost entirely by volunteers across Australia and New Zealand. It has been operating for ten years and brings together people from all walks of life, to deliver solutions to community issues by hacking, mashing and remodelling Government Open Data.

GovHack has a vast number of digital media channels used to communicate with the wider audience, from general members of the public to sponsors, volunteers, government agencies and other open data bodies. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

You will lead GovHacks Marketing and Communication and will manage a small team of people to ensure consistent and relevant outgoing communications across multiple channels. You will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks: 

  • Conducting a full audit and cleanup of GovHacks social media accounts
  • Provide strategic insights and direction for new marketing initiatives and ideas
  • Deliver and adapt (as required) GovHacks MarComms Plan
  • Assist with the planning of GovHacks social media strategy and MarComms plan
  • Manage all digital media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Mailchimp)
  • Ensure blogs and media articles are released frequently
  • Provide Marketing and Communication support and strategy to State and Local teams for their social media management


  • Strong understanding of social media tools and mailchimp
  • Previous experience in marketing and communication
  • Knowledge of GovHack or a similar large scale Hackathon
  • Proven personal communication skills
  • Proven time management skills
  • Proven Leadership or management experience
  • Previous experience using the Google Suite
  • You will be required to attend our weekly video conferences (Thursday 6.30PM EDST).

Support and Supervision

This role will be a part of the International Operations Team and will be responsible for providing updates and reporting to the rest of the team. You will also be supported by the Operations Support Team for GovHack.

Time Commitment

The time commitment required over the duration of the year will differ greatly depending on the phase of the project, however it is anticipated that a minimum of 5 – 8hours a week will be required.

The first phase of this role will be the audit and cleanup phase, introduction to the MarComms plan and ongoing social media updates (Feb- April). The second phase (May – August) will be busier as the outgoing communications increase significantly in the leadup to the competition weekend (August). The third phase (Sep – Nov) is less busy but still requires lots of outgoing communications. The last phase will be a cleanup and preparation for the next year (Nov- Dec). 

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with motivated and inspiring people
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere

A reference can be provided upon completion of a year of volunteering with GovHack