What Can I Submit as a Hack?

A Hack is when you take something and make it better! This is an open data competition so you need to reuse official open data in a clever and creative way.

Entries could include, art, jewellery, a digital sign, a board game, historic film pieces, a virtual reality game, internet of things (IOT), a digital sensor display, a 3D model, a visualisation of data, an informed article and of course some amazing web apps! We only limit you to your imagination.

Check out previous years’ hackerspace to see some great entries:

Challenges can help provide inspiration to shape your ideas, as can mentors so don’t be afraid to tap into the resources on hand for ideas.

It’s only 46 hours, so many of concepts entered are prototypes, mock ups, models, smaller scale artworks and even engineering design concepts from our maker community. Of course we have had some very crafty teams deliver demos and live apps within the time frame.

Your proof of concepts should be showcased in someway in your project page and 3 minute video submission.