Receiving Awards

Team Captain

  • Each team must nominate one person on their Hackerspace project page as their Team Captain and provide contact details (GovHack does not accept joint Captains)
  • The Team Captain will be the contact for GovHack organisers to coordinate distribution of awards and prizes after the event
  • Prize money must be evenly split between all team members of winning teams
  • If all members of your team are under 18 then please nominate a parent or guardian who will facilitate the split winnings amongst the team
  • Team Captain must be available to fly to represent their team at the International Red Carpet awards if invited, or nominate someone to attend in their place

Receiving Awards

  • Some local awards may be handed out on the Sunday afternoon, but most awards will be announced at the Regional Awards nights or the International Red Carpet Awards.
  • After GovHack weekend, a limited number of participants who demonstrate real GovHack Spirit and a limited number of finalists will be chosen to fly to the awards. More details to be advised after the main event.
  • The Red Carpet Awards present a great opportunity to celebrate all the clever projects from around the country with sponsors, agencies, media and some high profile special guests!
  • Following the Red Carpet Awards, the Team Captain of each winning team will receive an online prize claim form. This form will facilitate electronic funds transfer of the prize.


  • GovHack reserves the right to amend the value of cash prizes if event running costs exceed the total sponsorship collected.
  • Awards may be split between multiple teams.
  • GovHack events are run by volunteers with the generous support of Sponsorship. Sponsorship funds are used to fund the amazing events you attend including GovHack Connections, GovHack competition weekend and the state and National awards nights. This includes the amazing food and beverages you consume over 46 hours!!
  • Unless otherwise stated all cash awards are administered by the GovHack International Operations team.
  • Development Awards are administered by the supporting sponsor. Your local event host will provide you with information on how to claim your award.
  • Any vouchers or hardware detailed as an award will be issued at the relevant Awards night.
  • GovHack reserves the right to not issue an award if Eligibility criteria of the competition or the prize category is not met.