During the GovHack weekend, we need brilliant and passionate people from government agencies, commercial companies, and all other walks of life who can help our participants at the hackathon. If you are an expert in accessing or interpreting datasets; designing data models; building working software or developing and presenting ideas that use data to solve policy problems – please get in touch with us!

Primarily our mentors are data, technology or idea experts that come from sponsoring government agencies or sponsors providing technology platforms. Mentors can also be data, technology or idea experts who are not representatives of those groups, but are still keen to contribute to GovHack, however their involvement will be limited based on numbers.

Mentors can assist participants both physically or digitally when required.

What is the difference between a mentor and a volunteer?

There has been a lot of confusion between a Mentor and Volunteer. 

Mentor are technical based and only required during the GovHack weekend. Mentors provide what is essentially an on-site and online, real time, technical and data/metadata helpdesk. They generally come from Sponsoring organisations. 

Volunteers are event / logistically based, required during and in preparation for the GovHack weekend. Volunteers assist with things such as registration, venue set up and pack down, to name a few. 

How do I become a mentor?

Interested in mentoring for GovHack 2021? Click the button below to fill out the EOI Mentor form.

Note: Our mentors primarily come from Sponsoring organisations. We do accept a small number of non-sponsor mentors, but first preference goes to sponsoring agencies. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in being a mentor at one of our GovHack events.