GovHack’s Guide to Programming for Kids

GovHack’s Guide to Programming for Kids

Learning, honing or mastering – there’s a resource and a reason to get started on coding for any learner

Over the past few months with the temporary closings of schools and nurseries, Australian families and some families overseas witnessed their homes take a complete transformation from serving merely as a place of shelter and sleep to becoming a place of learning and fun for their children. The four walls of home had to not only beat lockdown lulls but compensate for time spent at school with teachers or the playground with friends. To fuel desire in their kids and say goodbye to cabin fever, some families resorted to online learning. One family, the Johnsons, turned to coding. During this time, Thomas Johnson asked his son, Dom Johnson, a simple question that would pave a path for his future plans “What do you want to do in the future?”. His son’s immediate response mirrored an interest in working with computers, programming and coding. 

With an answer in his hand, Thomas sought to act upon his son’s liking towards computers and programming> He began his search on how to get started and stumbled upon GovHack’s coding resources online.

“Together we started looking into what was available and came across all the coding resources on your GovHack page . He and I had a great time going over everything you posted on there and we learned a lot.” 

Thomas Johnson, father of Dom Johnson

Thomas and Dom were able to bid adieu to their cabin fever through coding, but coding is capable of doing more than just that. It gives children free reign, allowing them to treat the digital world as a blank canvas and paint anything from a website to a gaming app of their own. By innovating through coding, they not only hone their creativity, but also pick up skills of problem-solving and equip themselves with a better understanding of the world. GovHack is one such platform for teenagers to employ their coding know-how into real world scenarios and develop tactical solutions to them. Moreover, a head-start now will prepare them to meet with increasingly demanding roles within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) fields in the future, of which 71%, (according to are dedicated to coding. The benefits extend far beyond to all age groups and with so many reasons to code, we have prepared a short Coding 101 guide that will aid the young ones along with the wise ones to equip themselves up with some handy, yet exciting skills. 

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Mannhar Kaur

Mannhar Kaur is a Media Liaison Writer for GovHack. Her content covers the deployment of government data to combat persisting issues around the world. She has a diverse skill set and one day wishes to be associated with the UN or its subsidiaries. You can check out some of her work at or head to her LinkedIn profile for her latest projects.