Philip Crawford – ACT Government

​I am the Digital Delivery Manager of the ACT Data Analytics Centre. I have been in data management for over 20 years and have extensive experience and knowledge of data analytics, data visualisations and reporting. I also work extensively with business areas co-designing and co-developing analytics products to enable better outcomes across government.

Ask me: ​Government data and government priorities Data analysis and management Project planning and design

Selva Murugesan – ACT Government

Ask me: ​Transport related questions, open data​

Simon Levett – Amazon Web Services

​”I’m a melbournite from the outer south east suburbs. I work with AWS Professional Services to help customers be successful on the cloud. I’ve also previously worked in Federal Government on their Data and Analytics strategies. Outside of work I’m passionate about coffee, more tech and home improvement.

Ask me: ​Amazon Web Services – Data Analytics, Networking, Security, Machine Learning Services. Python Data Analytics: Python, pyspark, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn Kubernetes, Airflow, Gitlab, Jupyterhub.

David Maccarone – Amazon Web Services

​Public Sector Solutions Architect at AWS

Ask me: ​All things AWS!​

Ilya Gvozdenko – Amazon Web Services

​I am an AWS Solutions Architect looking to help with GovHack. I am happy to provide any assistance and guidance with AWS services, application development, product design or product development

Ask me: ​Amazon Web Services​

Linda Eitelberg – Amazon Web Services

​I’m a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. My education comprised of an Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics, majoring in Statistics, and a Postgraduate Degree in Data Science.

Ask me: ​Machine learning, reinforcement learning, mathematics, statistics, Amazon Web Services​

Raisa Hashem – Amazon Web Services

​Raisa Hashem is a Research Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based out of Melbourne. Until recently, she was a DevOps Security Specialist where she helped enterprises transform their security automation capability. In her new role, she is converging her security and DevOps skills with her Bioengineering background to help Researchers accelerate their outcomes using AWS. Raisa is passionate about Females-in-Tech and works with many organizations, high schools and primary schools in Melbourne to conduct hackathons, mentorships, and coding workshops. With a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, she loves learning about intelligent technology and their application in improving human movement. Outside of technology, Raisa is a student of Indian Classical Dance, is obsessed with yoga and traveling the world.

Ask me: ​Security automation, CICD pipelines, Design Thinking, AWS Cloud services, Research on AWS, Amazon’s culture of innovation, Building AWSome presentations.​

Mark Seddon – Amazon Web Services

​I’m a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, working with the global Digital Innovation program, and supporting the Cloud Innovation Centres at Swinburne University and RMIT university. I have held a number of positions in Digital, Software Engineering, DevOps, and Product Management both here in Australia and in the UK, Canada, and the United States.

Ask me: ​Amazon Web Services App and Mobile Development

Rob Costello – Amazon Web Services

​Rob Costello has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, with deep technical skills across various technologies. Currently providing cloud strategy and architecture leadership to Public Sector customers, primarily within the Australian Federal Government, engaging customers from executive leadership levels through to development and operations teams. “Infrastructure specialist by trade, but developer at heart”. Over the last few years my focus has moved from infrastructure-based solutions, to cloud-based solution development, with a passion for building modern cloud native (serverless) solutions.

Ask me: ​Building cloud-native web-apps and serverless backends.​

Jas Hayer – Amazon Web Services

​Enthusiastic and self-motivated team player with over 10 years’ experience in Technology Architecture, Business Analysis, Cloud, Service Delivery, Agile Transformation, Project Management and development of complex technical.

Ask me: ​How to ideate really quickly and consider the large picture.​

Stuart Thompson – Amazon Web Services

​Background in Telecommunications and Software Engineering domains, specialising in strategic thinking and solution architecture. I enjoys practical/hands-on application of technology.

Ask me: ​AWS Services, Solution Architecture, Strategy​

Phil Lynch – Amazon Web Services

​I work as a Principal Solutions Architect for AWS looking after a large Government Enterprise. I work closely with my customer from a end to end architecture perspective for anything related to AWS. I am also have a deep interest in IoT and Data Engineering.

Ask me: ​AWS Services​

Robert Kluttz – Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

​Executive Director of Clinical Improvement & Innovation. Spent the last 10 years in public and private healthcare. Prior roles in financial services and NASA

Ask me: ​Enabling innovation​

Tina Hardin – Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

​Tina Hardin is the Executive Director, Clinical Informatics for the newly established Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH). She is a future thinking data analyst with a passion for using data and technology to inform excellence in clinical care. Tina has worked with data for almost 20 years in health and holds a Bachelor of Science (Monash University/University of Adelaide) and a Bachelor of Business (Management Information Systems; University of South Australia). She has led a range of business intelligence projects and represented SA Health on various state and national committees. She brings her broad knowledge, networks, skills and experience to the CEIH to deliver a comprehensive clinical informatics program balancing strategic vision with pragmatism and all with the vision of improving health outcomes for South Australians.

Ask me: ​Health systems, health data, data analysis, data presentation and visualisation, data management, government policies and structure, project management​

Dirk Slawinski – CSIRO

​At present I am working on several projects that involve coastal ocean and estuarine modelling, particle tracking of pelagic and benthic fauna, and benthic habitat modelling and estimation. My responsibilities range from collecting and manipulating historical physical and geographic data for model input and analysis to writing programs for data visualization and processing. A wide range to cover, but always focused on data and data ethics.

Ask me: ​accessing IMOS data via the web appropriate visualization of scientific data combining data

Mikaela Lawrence – CSIRO

​I am a data librarian with CSIRO and provide support to researchers using the tools we have developed for creating data management plans and archiving data for sharing.

Ask me: ​Datasets available in the CSIRO Data Access Portal, how to access, data type and what software you might need to use it. In addition other resources from CSIRO sites that may be useful for a challenge.​

Katie Hannan – CSIRO

​Katie started work at CSIRO as a Data Librarian in March 2018, during the week that the Data Access Portal passed the 1 petabyte storage milestone and sees this as a good sign. At CSIRO she is responsible for supporting the description, storage and sharing of research metadata, datasets and software. She has been a member of the GovHack Board since 2018, first as a general member and then as the National Secretary of the Board. Katie is passionate about GovHack because it’s an event that helps people to tell stories using open government data, links people with information and facilitates learning experiences.

Ask me: ​The CSIRO Data Access Portal, data citation, project management. team management, time management, idea development.​

Liz Cooper-Williams – CSIRO

​I am a research software engineer in Scientific Computing at CSIRO with around 20 years experience in programming including full-stack web dev and database applications. I was originally a research scientist in neuroscience.

Ask me: ​Application frameworks Web development Database development WebVR

Sue Cook – CSIRO

​Member of CSIRO’s Research Data Support team Interested in: – the use of social software for professional networking and current awareness – supporting collaboration tools – altmetrics and bibliometrics – support for Open science – publication, data, software

Ask me: ​Using CSIRO’s Data Access Portal Finding data for your project

Christina Street – CSIRO

​I am a relatively new data librarian. I have recently joined a research data support team at my work and I am keen to explore all avenues regarding data management.

Ask me: ​The Data Access Portal (DAP), CSIRO’s permanent archive for data.​

Cate Moore – Department of Education, Skills and Employment

​I work for the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment as a data analyst. I am located in the South Australia and my current role focuses on increasing staff data capabilities. I have worked in all levels of govenment and have a good undersanding of policy, strategy and urban planning. In short, I get excited about infographics and maps!

Ask me: ​Employment data, issues relating to the growth of jobseekers. I can assist with data visualisation concepts including maps, graphs and infographics. My urban planning experience means I can assist with demographic and housing related statistics.​

Amee McMillan – Department of Education, Skills and Employment

​I have been involved in producing the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) dataset and policy challenge

Ask me: ​Anything to do with the DESE challenge or data​

Blake Dadd – Department of Education, Skills and Employment

​I work in the Economics Branch of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. I have undertaken data analytic tasks on employment services, and on other labour market data. My background before joining the department was in mathematics.

Ask me: ​Employment services and labour market data.​

Simon De Sousa – Dept. of Premier and Cabinet

​Product Lead for Data.Vic and co-author of Victorian Government challenges

Ask me: ​Data.Vic Victorian Government challenges

Vanessa Dow – Encycle Consulting

​Encycle Consulting is a specialist waste consultancy that guides architects, building managers and government agencies to improve the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of their waste management systems in innovative ways in order to improve efficiencies and achieve building requirements. We show that waste can be designed out, minimised and recycled and that the benefits of efficiency, effectiveness and staff engagement will transfer throughout your business. As an industry leader in Waste Management Planning for over 10 years Encycle uses its own highly successful and expert process to find innovative and cost effective waste management solutions.

Ask me: ​Encycle can help with queries around all aspects of waste and recycling including government policies and direction, best practice approaches and practical management.​

Maryann Galloway – Environment Protection Authority SA

Ask me: ​Environment Protection Authority SA (EPA) datasets available on​

Christian Raquel – Industrie&Co

​My name is Christian. I love collaborating with people, knowledge sharing and doing anything related to engineering. I also happen to work as Director of Engineering for Industrie&Co, a boutique consultancy company headquarters in NSW but I am based in another office in Melbourne.

Ask me: ​I love all about APIs (Microservices/Integration). I am and Engineer and an Architect. I’m also interested tinkering on cloud technologies (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud)

Rodney Pomfrett – Infosys

​IT Operations Manager for Infosys so able to interact with all types of clients and also with technology skilled peoples including developers/testers etc

Ask me: ​How to present ideas to ensure they grab attention​

Manikandan Kasi – Infosys

​I’m software full stack developer with 5 years experience.

Ask me: ​Full stack developer​

Maloy Patnaik – Infosys

​I am IT consultant with a background in start ups.. currently work with various Aussie retailers to develop digital solutions.

Ask me: ​Digital solutions​

Harsha Sinha – Infosys

​Experienced, motivated and Prince 2 Agile certified IT Professional with 14+ years of proven experience in delivering Business Analysis, System Analysis, Project management, Consulting, Solution envisioning, team and people management roles Adept at multi-tasking and adjust for rapidly changing priorities and schedule disruptions Experienced working with distributed teams and team members working in different time zones Managed and mentored operations support teams, skilled at client and vendor management, recruitment and transitions work to offshore

Ask me: ​Anything social, waste recycling and management and kids environment.​

Ran Niu – NAB

Ask me: ​Machine Learning, Python, SQL, Business Development, Data Visualisation, Presentation​

Damien Devlin – NAB

​I am a data scientist at NAB in the Advanced Analytics Enablement team. Our team delivers data science models and projects for use within the bank. We also establish best practices for completing data science work. I have an interest in how data science can be completed in an efficient, fair and reproducible manner

Ask me: ​Data – ETL, EDA, etc Machine learning Healthcare topics… may have some clinical insights from a past life!

Guang Xu – NAB

Ask me: ​Climate Change / Satellite Image Processing / Spatial Data / Machine Learning​

Tim Berman – NTT

​I specialise in leading and empowering technical people to use their skills, talent and passion to create difference making digital experiences. My extensive technical and creative experience allows me to get the most out of multi-disciplinary teams and organisations.

Ask me: ​- Coming up with valuable ideas/products – Validating if data can be used as intended – Strategies/approaches to building demos/POCs – Teamwork to get the most out of the team over an intense weekend!

Tim Webster – NTT

​I am a Service Designer and Product Manager. I Lead the User Experience and Product Management capability at NTT Digital Australia.

Ask me: ​”- Design Thinking – User Experience Design – Product Development – Presenting and communicating your solution”​

Catherine McIntyre – Sacommunity

​My name is Catherine McIntyre I’m the Community Information Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator at Connecting Up Inc. a not-for-profit organisation that provides the SAcommunity website and dataset of over 15,000 community services. My talented team of volunteers and I maintain the SAcommunity service funded by the Government of South Australia for use by councils, libraries, service providers, universities and the public for referrals, communication and research assisting with community engagement and decision-making as well as in helping people find the information they need.

Ask me: ​The SAcommunity directory data, fields and categories with information on community services including contact information such as phone numbers, emails; addresses; geo codes; venue hire; accessibility, toilets and car parking for wheelchair users, services provided and broad and narrow categorisation/indexing of organisations across an array of services such as health, recreation, education, accommodation, environment etc. SAcommunity Google Analytics statistical information, the directory receives more than 1.6 million page views annually providing information on the audience accessing the directory including, age, behaviour and common searches/landing pages which provides an indication of user needs across the state. Previous SAcommunity data use by government, councils, libraries, not-for profit services and universities.

Jay Oberoi – Secompass limited

​Cybersecurity guy

Ask me: ​Cybersecurity and privzcy​

Ami Pasricha – Telstra

​Ami Pasricha completed her undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Monash University. Currently, she works in the Mobility, IoT and Cloud space at Telstra, working with emerging technology to develop new ways to connect people. Previously, Ami has also had roles in Product Ownership and Customer Co-creation & Innovation and is passionate about generating new ideas and solutions. Additionally, she has always been a strong advocate for promoting diversity and inclusion in engineering and STEM, and held the role of Robogals’ global CEO for three years (2017-2019). As a recent engineering graduate herself, Ami looks forward to learning and contributing to new technology advancements.

Ask me: ​IoT and how to productise your idea!​

David Andersson – Telstra

​I’m a product manager at Telstra working on API products.

Ask me: ​Software, product development​

Ashen Fernando – Telstra

​I am currently an architect in the TelstraDev team. My background has been in infrastructurfe and IP networks.

Ask me: ​TelsraDev​

Chris Trewin – Telstra

​I am a senior software engineer with a keen passion for building serverless architectures.

Ask me: ​Telstra APIs, Design Thinking, AWS & Serverless Architectures​

Ashley Louise – Telstra Purple

​Hey everyone, I’m Ashley 👋 I have been with Telstra Purple for 2 years and am the Telstra Purple recruiter for Queensland! I love anything to do with food, coffee and books. I love a chat so feel free to reach out and say hi and good luck with this GovHack team! You got this!! 🏆

Ask me: ​I can help with anything presentation related as I love speaking in public, marketing, design/presentation elements. I am not the strongest on the tech side of things, but I love to think outside the box and can help put a different spin or point of view on things.

Michelle Howie – TelstraDev

​Michelle is the Developer Advocate of TelstraDev, Telstra’s API and IoT Marketplace, where she leads engagement with the External Developer Community. As a tech evangelist, she drives awareness and adoption of emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, VR/AR, Mobile Computing and AI. Based in Adelaide, Michelle is also a Global Shaper, Hackathon Hustler, and Podcast Host. She has a passion for global connectivity and an enthusiasm for technology as an enabler.

Ask me: ​5G, IoT, APIs, VR, AR, Networks, Pitching​

Tammy Amirian – Transport Canberra and City Services

​I have a Ph.D. in engineering and I work as a graduate data analyst in the Transport Canberra and city services directorate in the ACT government.

Ask me: ​data visualization and data analytics​

Justin Harbord – Western Australian Electoral Commission

​I’m really keen to find ways to make better use of government data to improve customer service. I’ve been in State government for over 25 years, working across big data, policy, IT development, mapping and operational areas. I currently look after some significant people and address based datasets and have been looking at appropriate ways to make use of them and related datasets to improve service delivery.

Ask me: ​How do I make sense of the different field names and types? How do the datasets relate to each other? How can I use the different datasets together? Are there other datasets from other organisations that might help me with my challenge response?

Ahmad AlHajji

​I am dynamic and highly adaptable Marketing and Business Strategy C-Level Executive, and Management consultant, with over 20 years of regional and international experience, in multiple business sectors and industries including consumer goods (FMCG), retail, education, electronics, hospitality, Technology (Internet of Things) and manufacturing. An advisor and board member for several organizations, and a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Ask me: ​Strategy Data Analysis Idea creation Product & Service Innovation Presentation techniques Any non-technical question

Sitha Devarapalli

​I am exploring the data sets available in to present the data in APIs/Visualisations.

Ask me: ​Victorian Gov data sets and ABS data sets.​

Manish Kukreja – Auckland DHB

​Manish is a data scientist but more broadly, a solution seeker. He is passionate about (machine) learning, teaching and mentoring. His experience spans across multiple domains including consulting, telecom, fire protection, education and now in healthcare. He enjoys a blend of technical and leadership roles, most recently at Auckland DHB, GreyAtom and University of Auckland. His diverse background includes computer science/engineering, statistics and education, each of which he brings to his daily work in data science.

Ask me: ​Machine learning, API, Docker, Python​

Sathish Sathya Moorthy – CSIRO

​Sathish is a product lead at Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) team in CSIRO. He has experience in product planning, delivery and providing end to end internet solutions to real world problems for both web and mobile platforms. Sathish can help you to get an access to wealth of information about Australia’s biodiversity data which includes 89+ million records.

Ask me: ​”I’ll be able to assist with: 1. Using the Atlas’ APIs and datasets. 2. New product strategy, development, delivery and presentation 3. Application development / Prototypes”​

Lance Berry – Department of Customer Service NSW

​I am an experienced problem solver using data to understand and communicate underlying issues that improve public policy outcomes.

Ask me: ​Challenges, find and accessing NSW data​

Coralie Gordon – Department of Customer Service NSW

Ask me: ​​

Kerrie Cruickshank – Department of Premier & Cabinet Victoria- Digital, Design and Innovation branch

​I’m a Product Manager with a background & love for spatial data. I’m passionate about collaborating with customers, colleagues and stakeholders to build digital products and deliver services that work & delight. I work together with data owners, software engineers, UX, GIS & business analysts and follow agile, lean and design-thinking principles.

Ask me: ​Human Centred Design, Ideation, Brainstorming, Pitching your idea and Victorian Government Open Data​

Simon Jackson – Esri Australia

​GIS Analyst working at Esri Australia

Ask me: ​spatial stuff, GIS, Esri queries.​

Katherine Green – Esri Australia

Ask me: ​Data visualisation in government Mapping and analysing spatial data Health and welfare

Sachin Nagane – Infosys Ltd

Ask me: ​RPA, UiPath​

Rohan Rane – Infosys Ltd.

​I am RPA professional hands on experience on multiple RPA Tools including(UiPath, Blueprism, AA & Pega robotics from last 8+ years.

Ask me: ​”RPA Solutions RPA Best practices RPA Tools capabilities”​

Samantha Strachan – Liverpool City Council

​I’m in the Economic Development team at Liverpool City Council. I helped bring GovHack to Liverpool in 2019 and 2018. I have a background in Human Geography and Town Planning.

Ask me: ​Liverpool​

Kelsey Hughes – NAB

​”I’m a graduate at a large bank, where I work on data science projects and do some UX work. I love wireframing, learning more about data science, and social impact.”

Ask me: ​User Experience, Wireframing/Prototyping, Business and customer value, data science and machine learning basics.​

Mangala Prasetia – NAB

​I love all things data and I love listening to and exploring all kinds of innovative ideas. Currently an analyst in Group Risk at the NAB, working on a mixture of projects and reviews, from dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy to the bank’s sustainability guidelines.

Ask me: ​Business Development, Data Visualisation, Presentation​ skills​

Alvaro Maz – RFS NSW, Customer Service NSW

​I make good stuff happen. I’m currently working with several government entities to help prepare Australia for future natural hazards.

Ask me: ​Natural hazard preparation different government agencies are doing.​

Christeen Jayawardena – Telstra

Ask me: ​​

Yolanie Gamage – Telstra Purple

​”Yolanie is a Melbourne-based Talent Acquisition Manager at Telstra Purple, a tech consultancy within Telstra Enterprise. Having recruited all sorts of roles in tech, Yolanie is a regular fixture at user groups around town, and engages the people around her to learn about the latest and greatest trends in industry. In 2015, Yolanie was part of the winning team at SheHacks. Her team of 4 worked on a prototype for a mentoring app over a weekend, pitched to a panel of judges and successfully landed first prize.”

Ask me: ​Pitching, ideation, customer research​

Rachael Goodenough – Telstra Purple

​I’m head of Talent Acquisition at Telstra Purple. I love all things social media and community, but especially bringing them both together! Outside of looking for awesome talent for Telstra Purple, I keep busy with my fur menagerie – a pug, a golden retriever, a street cat and two cockatiels 🥰

Ask me: ​How to give an engaging presentation andddddddddd how to look at the big picture of a business problem and then break it down into bite sized solvable chunks​

Chris Barry – Telstra Purple

​I have strong background in tech recruitment and have worked with partners to facilitate Hackathons in the past where I have helped with idea generation, feature development as well as working with teams to deliver powerful pitches.

Ask me: ​Product development, problem solving and how to pull together an award winning pitch.​

Ryan Smith

​Experienced analyst delivering innovative solutions across finance, marketing, behavioural analytics and a love for insights driven from data… The ones that result in actions are always the best!

Ask me: ​Experienced in customer centred design, design thinking, data engineering, advanced analytics, customer marketing and turning insights into actionable items.​

Clement Yan

​A regular hackathon organizer

Ask me: ​Video Production​

Mubin Kazi

​I love all things sports and data! I’m a finance and analytics student at Monash University and have about 3 years experience working with R.

Ask me: ​Data scraping and visualisation in R + general visualisation tips!​