Slack is an excellent way to participate in GovHack remotely, connect with your team if you can’t be there the entire time, or to meet and chat with other like-minded participants across the GovHack community before and after the event.

We want our Slack to be a safe, inclusive community for everyone, so we do have terms and conditions, and by joining the Slack instance you are agreeing to adhere to these.


Register for a Slack account at To revisit the Slack instance go to

Join your event location group

We encourage you to find your local event Slack group and join it for important announcements and general chat throughout the weekend.

If you are competing at a location search for #hack-[city/region name] eg #hack-perth or #hack-casey.

Looking for a team?

If you are looking for a team there is a #find-team thread.

Remote competitors

Remote competitors please join #remote – we will update information here throughout the weekend. On Friday night this is where we will post the video and Remote Pack – you are going to need this! Also join #find-team to find a team.

As a remote competitor you will still need to be associated to a Region and you will need to join a team from one of the physical locations in that Region that has at least one person located at that event, so also join you location channel.

A sponsor may have their own channel and we will be asking sponsor mentors to join these channels where you can ask questions about datasets. Search for #[sponsor org]-sponsor

Moderators and Help

There is a #moderators-and-help channel. If you need anything or have questions or an issue, don’t hesitate to post.

Don’t be shy about saying hello or @ing people to ask for help if you see someone that is useful or helping others. It’s a busy weekend, everyone is here to help each other.

Voice and video calls

You can also use Slack to make one on one video and voice calls.