We use Slack for event weekend communications and team forming. Register for a Slack account at slack.govhack.org. To revisit the Slack instance go to GovHackHQ.slack.com.

As a remote competitor you will still need to be associated to a Region and you will need to join a team from one of the physical locations in that Region that has at least one person located at that event, so also join your Slack location channel. Being remote you are not restricted to which Region you are connected to, you can be in (say) Sydney and join a team in Melbourne or Karratha!

Say Hi

The Event Host will display the details of remote competitors available to the site so that teams can get in contact with you. Make sure to say hi to your host and let them know you are participating.
You can only register as a remote competitor for one GovHack region and are not eligible to also register as a standard competitor.

Once in Slack, introduce yourself and let other teams know that you are around. You can also go to Hackerspace and check which teams are working in the awards you are interested.

Slack Channels

Remote competitors please join Slack Channel #remote – we will update information here throughout the weekend. On Friday night this is where we will post the video and Remote Pack – you are going to need this! Also join Slack Channel #find-team to find a team.

A sponsor may have their own channel and we will be asking sponsor mentors to join these channels where you can ask questions about datasets. Search for #[sponsor org]-sponsor


Keep an eye on Twitter, follow @GovHackAU for updates including possible live streams of the opening video in your timezone.