The Board and the International Operations Team have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and have made the decision to prioritise a digital GovHack 2020 to ensure the safety of the entire GovHack community. 

GovHack 2020 will be held on 14 – 16 August 2020, as a fully digital event.

We have now transitioned to focus on delivery of this digital event which will allow people to participate throughout Australia and New Zealand wherever they may be located. We will keep all informed of the progress and ways in which you will be able to participate. As always the events will be free for all hackers to participate in.

Our aim is to ensure that the elements that make GovHack ‘GovHack’ are still present within the digital event. Aspects of these include the mixing of open government data, talking with mentors, exploring challenges and also the collaborative nature of working with people you know and people you’ve just met.

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Past Competitions 

Our 2020 Competition Themes

 Projects within this theme empower communities to better prepare for and recover from economic, social and environmental events such as bushfires and earthquakes. Data can be leveraged to explore targeted ideas for different urban, regional and remote communities including Maori and Aboriginal people.

It’s likely that our idea of ‘normal’ has changed forever. This theme explores what a post COVID-19 world might be like to work, learn and play in. How can data help communities, businesses and public service agencies operate at their best?

The world we live in should be easy to understand, navigate and interact with – no matter who we are. 1 in 5 people in Australia and New Zealand have a disability. Inclusive and accessible design enables every person to meaningfully and independently live their lives.

Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain and support each other in our physical, social, mental and spiritual health. Projects will use data to measure and improve individual and community health and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power, and everyone should have access to accurate information. Open Science projects make research outputs, methods, resources and tools easier to use and access.

Citizen Science enables everyday people to take part in big projects. This is done by breaking scientific projects down into understandable components so that anyone can get involved.

Emergency Management enables health and emergency services to prepare, mitigate and recover from an emergency. Projects within this theme will focus on timely, accessible and accurate data for decision making.

The 2019-2020 bushfire season was one of the most destructive in Australia’s history. Scientists predict future bushfire seasons to be even longer and more dangerous. Projects within this theme help communities, health and emergency services to better prepare for the future. How can other countries such as New Zealand benefit from any findings out of Australia.

Friday 14 August
It begins!
The GovHack Australia Competition will start at 7pm AEST and the New Zealand Competition will begin 7pm NZST. Challenges will only be announced during the opening ceremony. Competitors will then begin team formation and get to hacking!
Friday 14 August
Saturday 15 August
Get Hacking!
Teams should be formed and working towards a project, developing concepts and prototypes. They should also lock in the challenges the want to enter. There will be some fun activities during the day to engage digital participants and give them a break from all the hacking!
Saturday 15 August
Sunday 16 August
Race to the end!
Projects should be finalised and continually refined. We recommend allowing a few hours to create your project submission video. The Australian Competition will finish at 5pm AEST and the NZ Competition will finish at 5pm NZST.
Sunday 16 August

Our 2020 Events

GovHack Virtual Conference (July 2020)

New for 2020, GovHack will run its first international and virtual conference!

This will consist of a series of sessions over a 2-week period, hosting several technical conversations, data owner presentations and messages from our sponsors.

This is a terrific way for hackers to gain a greater understanding and awareness of selected datasets, allowing them to interact directly with data experts.

Regional Connections Events
These events held online in each State / Territory, and hosted by the State/Territory Directors, will be the opportunity for sponsors, mentors and hackers to meet online, prior to the competition. Get to know your fellow hackers and State sponsors and hear the ‘spoilers’ about the challenges.

GovHack Competition (14 – 16 August)

The GovHack Competition is a two-day hack event held simultaneously across Australia and New Zealand, over a 46 hour period to create concepts, mashups and models with open government data, to examine the challenges facing government and communities in new and innovative ways.

GovHack State Awards (September)

The GovHack State / Territory Awards take place during September after the GovHack competition weekend and after state level judging has been completed by all the state-level sponsors. 

Aotearoa New Zealand Awards (October 16 2020)

The GovHack Aotearoa New Zealand Awards take place during October after the GovHack competition weekend and after New Zealand judging has been completed by all the sponsors.

International Red Carpet Awards (October 14 – 24 2020)

The GovHack International Red Carpet Awards event is the pinnacle night that showcases and celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of ANZ’s most talented teams.

Projects from across Australia and New Zealand that entered the international and national competitions will have been judged and the finalists and winners selected.