GovHack 2021 will be held on 19 – 21 August 2022.
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Past Competitions 

Our 2022 Events

GovHack Virtual Conference (July/August 2022)

Continuing for 2022, GovHack will again run its international and virtual conference!

This will consist of a series of sessions over a 2-week period, hosting several technical conversations, data owner presentations and messages from our sponsors.

This is a terrific way for hackers to gain a greater understanding and awareness of selected datasets, allowing them to interact directly with data experts.

Region Connections Events
These events held online in each State / Territory, and hosted by the Regional Leads, will be the opportunity for sponsors, mentors and hackers to meet online, prior to the competition. Get to know your fellow hackers and State sponsors and hear the ‘spoilers’ about the challenges.

GovHack Competition (19 – 21 August 2021)

The GovHack Competition is a two-day hack event held simultaneously across Australia and New Zealand, over a 46 hour period to create concepts, mashups and models with open government data, to examine the challenges facing government and communities in new and innovative ways.

GovHack State Awards (September 2022)

The GovHack State / Territory Awards take place during September after the GovHack competition weekend and after state level judging has been completed by all the state-level sponsors. 

Aotearoa New Zealand Awards (October 2022)

The GovHack Aotearoa New Zealand Awards take place during October after the GovHack competition weekend and after New Zealand judging has been completed by all the sponsors.

International Red Carpet Awards (October / November 2022)

The GovHack International Red Carpet Awards event is the pinnacle night that showcases and celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of ANZ’s most talented teams.

Projects from across Australia and New Zealand that entered the international and national competitions will have been judged and the finalists and winners selected.