Summary and Background Information

The GovHack technology team is in charge of developing and maintaining the essential technical systems that at a core ensure the competition weekend goes off without a hitch. Prior to the event and after the event there are a number of key activities that need to take place within the system to make this happen.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

We are looking to recruit a team or 2-3 people who will be led by the Technology Leader to manage GovHack systems (Hackerspace, Website) and carry out the following tasks: 

Systems Support

  • To develop a structure and flow to our systems
  • Ongoing management and system creation

Hackerspace Assistance

  • Work independently to support the scalability and capacity management of hackerspace (with guidance from lead developers)
  • To assist with the development and updating of Hackerspace
  • Provide technical, second level support of Hackerspace.
  • Improve, maintain and assist in the management of Hackerspace.
  • Technically skilled in Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Able to support the technical coding requirements of hackerspace
  • Extensive UX and UI skills

Web Editing

  • To manage and update the back end of the website as required
  • Working with the marketing team to ensure the website has all required

The Technology Team works closely with the Competition Team to ensure all systems are ready for the GovHack competition  


You must have one or more of the technical skills listed below to provide support in one of the three key areas outlined above

  • Strong understanding of web technologies used in GovHack systems
    GovHack website – WordPress
    Hackerspace website – Ruby on Rails
  • Knowledge of GovHack or a similar large scale Hackathon
  • Strong background in UX
  • Proven personal communication skills
  • Proven time management skills
  • Previous experience using the Google Suite

Support and Supervision

The team will be guided and managed by the Technology Leader and will sit within the International Operations Team of GovHack.

Time Commitment

The time commitment may different depending on the phase of the project but as you will be working on the same initiatives year round, it is expected a minimum of  5 – 8 hours a week is required.

In preparation for GovHack events (July – September) your workload will be the heaviest (May- August). The second phase (Sep – Dec)  will lighten up as you prepare for the next year and make any changes as required. 

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with motivated and inspiring people
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Opportunity to gain a reference from skilled professionals in your field