Summary and Background Information

GovHack is brought to each state/region through the hard work of a Regional Operations Team (ROT), who are responsible for coordinating all GovHack activities in that region. This team is led by a Regional Lead. 

The ROT is responsible for managing local sponsorship; marketing; community liaison; data management and technical support. They will also deliver the Connections pre-event (digital), the State hackathon event (digital) and the State Awards night (digital). 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for team roles available

We are looking to recruit a team of 4-5 and require individuals in the following roles or to assist with a few of these areas: 

  • Regional Lead  – coordinate the team to deliver a successful GovHack competition in your region 
  • Deputy Regional Lead – support RD and work with the team to deliver GovHack (All States)
  • Regional Sponsorship – liaise with local sponsors and International Operations Team (IOT) Sponsorship Lead to ensure needs of sponsors are met locally. (All States)
  • Regional Marketing and Communications – responsible for local social media, passing ideas/contacts for articles to IOT Marketing, local promotion and engagement. (All States)
  • Regional Technical Support– Minimum of 2 tech support for the competition weekend – engage with IOT Tech Team in the lead up to the competition to understand the technology and systems for the competition and assist competitors over the weekend competition.  (All States)
  • Regional Community Outreach– to reach out to local community groups and organisations and establish relationships for ongoing support and interaction. (All States)


Skill / experience in one or more of the areas listed:

  • A resident of the state you are volunteering in
  • Knowledge or awareness of GovHack or a similar large scale Hackathon
  • Proven time management skills
  • Strong teamwork skills
  • Awareness / adept with basic technology (e.g familiar with Google suite, zoom) 

Support and Supervision

You will be supported and managed by your Regional Lead. Further support from the various IOT teams i.e. volunteer management, marketing and communications will be provided as required to team members. Regional Teams will also be able to access Operations Support for further assistance.

Time Commitment

It is anticipated that a minimum of 5 – 8 hours a week will be required, from May – September.
This involves coordinating the competition, awards and judging, media and communications, and data; recruiting event hosts and data mentors and liaising with State/ Local Government. All these activities occur from May – September, along with planning and delivering of all State Events:

  • Virtual Mini Conference – held over two weeks, virtual group activities including technical conversations, data owner presentations and sponsor messages will be delivered by IOT in June/July
  • Connections– normally a month prior to the competition weekend, provides an introduction to the sponsors for the coming competition and the data sets available. July
  • Competition Weekend – assist in digital setup and delivery of events across your state from the Friday 20 Aug 2021 to Sunday 22 Aug 2021.
  • State Awards- secure sponsorship and venue for an awards presentation approx. one month after the competition weekend. September

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with other motivated and inspiring people
  • Significant exposure to relevant industry professionals
  • Hands-on experience and learning of new skills
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Opportunity to gain a reference from skilled professionals in your field