Summary and Background Information

GovHack is community driven and focussed and we need a strong team to expand our reach into different community organisations and groups in our states and territories. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

We are looking to recruit a team of 2-3 people who will be led by the Partnerships Lead to carry out the following tasks: 

  • Creating strategic partnerships and valuable relationships with external organisations such as local governments; community spaces; startup hubs; education institutions to build GovHack’s profile and help us achieve our purpose.
  • Aiding both organisations to reach a wider audience with articles/posts/events that will mutually benefit each organisation’s goals and respective memberships/network
  • Engaging with community organisations in the technology, government, data, and creative sectors throughout Australia. 
  • Providing support to State and local teams on community engagement 
  • Developing and implementing community engagement plans at the national, state and local level. 
  • Liaise with and provide support to the Sponsorship Lead, to ensure there is a collective and joint approach


  • Skills or experience in facilitating collaborations between like minded organisations and/or an interest in developing a framework for this
  • An interest or awareness to engage with the open data, education, startup/innovation and tech sectors
  • Knowledge of GovHack or a similar large scale hackathon
  • Proven stakeholder engagement/management skills
  • Proven communication and time management skills
  • Previous experience using the Google Suite

Support and Supervision

This team will be guided and managed by the Partnership Lead who will work directly with the Sponsorship Lead and will from time to time support the International Operations Team, representing the activity and information from this team at the International Operations level.

You will also be supported by the Operations Support for GovHack.

Time Commitment

The time commitment may different depending on the phase of the project but as you will be working on the same initiatives year round, it is expected a minimum of 3 hours a week is required.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with motivated and inspiring people
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Opportunity to network with GovHack Partners and Sponsors
  • Opportunity to gain a reference from skilled professionals in your field
  • Build contacts in your areas of interest