Starting from the 12 October to 21 October, we will be hosting the Regional and International Awards! Register to attend the events on Hackerspace and check out the schedule below!

Judging is for the most part complete now and the awards are just around the corner.

Given the differing levels of restrictions in response to COVID-19 around Australia and New Zealand currently, the award ceremonies this year will primarily be delivered as digital livestreams with some physical events in locations where it is safe to do so. The physical events will be also livestreamed for people who are unable to be physically present.

This allows all GovHack participants, future hackers and family and friends of winners, to be able to join in and celebrate together!

Join us to find out the winners of our National and International Challenges and to celebrate the achievements and creativity of teams that participated in GovHack 2021. 

GovHack 2021 Awards - Schedule

Register for the Awards on Hackerspace

Register your attendance and obtain the livestream link to each awards below!

RegionHackerspace LinkDate
QLD (Physical)LINK15 Oct
QLD (Digital)LINK19 Oct
TAS (Physical)LINK19 Oct
TAS (Digital)LINK19 Oct
AUS, NZ, & InternationalLINK21 Oct

What else do I need to know about the 2021 Awards?

⭐ During each awards ceremony we will be having an Award Event Trivia competition! Here you’ll have a chance to win 1 in 50 gift cards!

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