Hello all GovHackers!

The Board and the International Operations Team has been closely watching the events unfolding around COVID-19 before our previous announcement last week and since then. We had previously communicated and made the decision to prioritise the digital version of GovHack 2020 to ensure the safety of the entire GovHack community. We originally planned to communicate whether physical events would be going ahead in the first week of May.

Following the events we have seen in both Australia and New Zealand (and around the world) since our announcement, and the uncertainty of the environment in August, we will not be running physical events for the competition weekend for GovHack 2020. Although this is a disappointment to some, we need to consider the safety of our entire community.

GovHack 2020 will continue on the scheduled dates 14 – 16 August 2020, as a fully digital event.

We have now transitioned to focus on delivery of this digital event which will allow people to participate throughout Australia and New Zealand wherever they may be located. We will keep all informed of the progress and ways in which you will be able to participate. As always the events will be free for all hackers to participate in.

Our aim that we are heading to as we transition is to ensure what makes GovHack ‘GovHack’ is still present within the digital event. Aspects of these include the mixing open government data, talking with mentors, exploring challenges and also the collaborative nature of working with both existing and new talented people that you meet at events.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Jason Weigel
Chair of GovHack Australia Limited