Enterprize Launceston will be open for competitors of all ages to attend GovHack from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September. Enterprize Launceston will be open 24 hours but there will be a lockout period from 10pm to 6am. This means that if you leave the venue after 10pm you will not have access to return till 6am. This is a youth friendly venue, competitors under the age of 18 are welcome. Enterprize’s full facilities will be available during this time. This includes, Wi-Fi, printing/photocopying, whiteboards as well as spaces to work, meet and collaborate with.

Event Host: Damian Frappell

Deputy Event Host: Kaitlin Roach

Venue Name: Launceston Enterprize

Venue Address: 24 Patterson Street, Launceston, TAS 7250

Travel Information: Street Parking is available as well as Council Parking in the Patterson Street Car Park.

Venue Capacity: 50

Opening Hours: 24 Hours (lockout from 10pm to 6am). If you leave after 10pm you cannot get back in until 6am.

  • Wheelchair accessible from Patterson Street.
  • We are all an ages event! Under 18s can attend without parent/guardian supervision
  • Full catering will be provided