Summary and Background Information

GovHack is the largest Hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere and runs almost entirely by volunteers across Australia and New Zealand. It has been operating for ten years and brings together people from all walks of life, to deliver solutions to community issues by hacking, mashing and remodelling Government Open Data.

We are a community-driven and focused organisation and are looking for a team to expand our reach through the creation of strategic partnerships with other organisations, government and institutions. This position will lead this small team to share the opportunity of developing solutions to community issues via the use of Open Data with potential partners and assist in the strategic development for future relationships.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • To lead and direct a team to create strategic partnerships and valuable relationships with external organisations such as local governments; community spaces; startup hubs; education institutions.
  • Be responsible for engagement with related community organisations in the tech-government-data-creative space around Australia and New Zealand
  • Provides direction for State and local teams on community engagement 
  • Develops and implements community engagement plans at the national, state and local level. 


  • Strong background in facilitating collaborations between like-minded organisations
  • Knowledge of GovHack or a similar large scale Hackathon
  • Proven personal communication skills
  • Proven time management skills
  • Proven Leadership or management experience
  • Previous experience using the Google Suite
  • You will be required to attend our weekly video conferences (Thursday 6.30PM EDST).

Support and Supervision

This role will be part of the International Operations Team and will be responsible for providing updates and reporting to the rest of the team. Support for this role will be provided by the GovHack Operations Support Role.

Time Commitment

The time commitment may differ depending on the phase of the project but as you will be working on the same initiatives year-round, it is expected a minimum of  5 – 8 hours a week is required.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Opportunity to network and experience working with motivated and inspiring people
  • Acknowledgements that you helped deliver the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Recognition for volunteering experience on resume
  • Increased national networks and contacts across a range of sectors.

A reference can be provided upon completion of a year of volunteering with GovHack