Andrew Groth, SVP Infosys and CEO Australia New Zealand on GovHack, Live Enterprises & skills

Andrew Groth, SVP Infosys and CEO Australia New Zealand on GovHack, Live Enterprises & skills

Infosys is the lead international sponsor of GovHack in 2019. We spoke with the CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Groth about Infosys, how he sees current trends in the technology industry and why they are such a great supporter of GovHack.

Infosys enables clients in 46 countries to help them navigate their digital transformation journey, to what they call “Live Enterprises”, that is, enterprises that can sense, react and adapt quickly to the changing world. They do this by enabling the enterprise with an automated and AI powered core that helps prioritise the execution of change, empower their clients businesses with agile digital at scale — advancing their operating models, and by transforming their talent for the future. The key to this transformation is an always-on learning culture which drives continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas.

The Australia and New Zealand part of Infosys, which Andrew leads, is one of the fastest growing regions of the multi-national business and last year it became the second largest market for Infosys globally.

Why sponsor GovHack?

Andrew Groth sees that there is a key alignment between Infosys and the values and strategies of GovHack. As workplaces are constantly changing, both organisations are committed to amplifying human potential. Hackathons are all about learning while experimenting, ideating and working as a team. They help bringing in a culture of collaborative innovation. Infosys focuses on co-creation with clients and partners through design thinking and proximity to the customer culture, amplifying the workforce – both human and digital – in an enthusiastic embrace of agile experimentation.

Hackathons are a key ingredient for building this experimental culture and create an ecosystem where people find inspiration. Participants meet likeminded people, share common interests and come up with exciting ideas and solutions. It’s a creative problem-solving environment which generates deep engagement, an environment which gives people a license to fail — a building block for success. 

In November 2018, Infosys announced that they were hiring 1200 people in Australia and opening up three new innovation hubs. The purpose of those hubs is “co-creation” — setting up environments where clients, partners, academia, and the public sector can co-innovate. AI and automation is presenting a fantastic opportunity for humans to learn new skills which involve more cognitive and creative capabilities. Today there’s an opportunity to amplify human potential like never before. 

Skills in demand?

Skills are the currency for the future of work and computing skills particularly are in demand in Australia including AI, machine learning, neural networks, cyber security, cloud computing and other digital skills. To complement technology skills, Infosys is looking to hire talent from creative backgrounds as well, including design, UI/UX, liberal arts which help bringing-in a more human-centric approach to how we navigate our customers and partners in their digital transformation journey. 

An always–on learning culture is key to driving innovation

“Learning has been in the DNA of Infosys since it was founded”.

Andrew Groth

Today, Infosys has taken learning to the mobile, through Lex – an app based learning platform, empowering employees to learn on the go, anytime, anywhere, on any device through modular courses. On the job learning can be restrictive in terms of skills depending on the role, however, creating a culture which encourages people to learn based on their interests and relevance to business, gives them an opportunity to leapfrog in their careers.

Infosys is home to the world’s largest corporate university in India which can train up to 24,000 people annually through bespoke courses based on technology and creative skills including design thinking as an approach and developing creative confidence among recruits. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with GovHack”

Andrew Groth

Article by Peter Marks for GovHack