Agencies see their data put to the test at GovHack

Agencies see their data put to the test at GovHack

The Mandarin reports:

This weekend, thousands of thinkers and creators from across Australia and New Zealand will solve public problems using open government data in the annual GovHack competition.

The free event will run across 30 different regional, national and international locations, with $85,000 up for grabs.

While the experience helps participants develop new skills, it also allows government agencies to better understand their data by giving them a “fresh set of eyes”, according to GovHack ACT State Director Julian Singh.

“It’s like when someone is proofreading your assignment,”

Julian Singh

Sponsoring agencies send a data mentor to the event every year. When competitors download the open data and work on solving social, economic, and environmental challenges, they can ask agency mentors questions about how the data is used, if it can be connected with data from other agencies, or any other issues they might find with the data during the competition. These types of questions can be extremely beneficial to the agencies, Singh says.

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