GovHack welcomes Northern Territory’s Open Data Portal

GovHack welcomes Northern Territory’s Open Data Portal

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Today, the Northern Territory has launched their Open Data Portal.

Shanon Loughton

Open government data is a rich resource of anonymised public data published by federal and state government agencies. The data is published so that people can use it to grow the economy, improve service delivery and improve policy outcomes.

Data is available via the following URLs:

Many of these sites are built using the open source CKAN software. This system is used around the world including Canada and the US.

In May 2019, the Northern Territory joins other states in launching its Open Data Portal.

As promised in the last election, the Northern Territory Government has established the Office of Digital Government to promote the deliverables outlined in the Digital Territory Strategy.

The NT Open Data Portal will be available at

The portal will launch with a subset of available data and it is anticipated requests will come in from the community and businesses to make more data sets available.

The approach is quality over quantity. A survey was conducted of data the NT Government holds and it found a massive registry of documents, PDFs, information sheets; data which is not readily usable.

They took the position that the data published should be usable and easily accessible; sets of data are presented in CSV or spreadsheet formats.

This means that the data available (over 240 existing datasets) can be easily used and analysed.

The Northern Territory has its own unique issues with many remote and regional areas where it’s a challenge to provide government services.

Urban areas are well connected and it’s one of the few places where the NBN is fully rolled out.

Outside of urban areas, there are many remote communities that don’t have access to basic communications. No mobile, no wire in the ground. There is a huge digital divide in the NT.

In recent years the NT Government has been a sponsor of GovHack and this year, with the launch of their open data portal we look forward to seeing what creative ideas contestants can come up with to use this newly available data.

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