Sydney Start-Up Vesuvio saves GovHack Parramatta

Sydney Start-Up Vesuvio saves GovHack Parramatta

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On Wednesday 5thof September, Founder and Chief Executive of Vesuvio, a ChatBot Technology company, Dean Cvetkoski, received a call from a colleague announcing the GovHack hackathon had been cancelled due to a last minute emergency. Dean quickly contacted Jason Weigel, Chair of GovHack Australia and kindly offered the Vesuvio HQ as an alternate venue. Within 30 minutes of the cancellation, the event was reinstated.

Growing up in Western Sydney, the Founder of Vesuvio, Dean, was determined to find a venue solution that would ensure participants would not be required to travel into the CBD.

“We wanted to make sure there was a place out west for those who wanted to stay close to participate.”

Over 25 emails later, the operational requirements and structure for the event were now in the hands of Vesuvio. Drawing upon his previous operational event experience, Dean and the team worked quickly to put together a task list to work through, and in true agile form executed the tasks within 28 hours.

The team found sponsors to assist with the venue set up, including AV, audio and production lighting set up and equipment from Technicaand Sound Agents.Tables and chairs, fromLiverpool City Council.And $1,000 worth of technical surveillance inspection and overnight security by Active Counter Measures. The venue, last minute prizes, catering and WHS compliance management was supplied by Vesuvio.

“It was as equally stressful as it was exciting.” Says Dean, “Overall I would have to say that being able to host the event in 28 hours is an outstanding achievement and everyone who contributed made the experience tremendous. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our sponsors.”

Winners of the Hackathon also went into the draw to win some terrific prizes, including 5 Years of Economic Hosting FREE from YouHost. And a team prize from JA Australia– a customised career development workshop including resume, cover letter review, and tailored interview skills training and practice. While 32 participants were registered, 14 people participated in the Western Sydney hackathon.

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